JANUARY 26, 2018!

BUBBLES A BROAD is all about the heat, like the kind Bubbles faces when she investigates who really murdered a steel executive with cyanide-tipped fake fingernails. And the kind with hunky AP photographer Stiletto when that chastity vow goes out the window. Whoops! Good thing Bubbles has that Journalism degree from the Two Guys Community College and the support of her boss and best friend, Sandy, down at the House of Beauty, along with the muscle of her elderly mother and musket-toting roommate Genevieve. Gutsy, intuitive and never quite sure what, exactly, constitute libel, Bubbles tries her bumbling best in this 4th entry in the BUBBLES YABLONSKY mystery series, complete with home-made beauty recipes. Read an excerpt HERE. Now available for pre-order on Amazon. More to come.

**NEW!!! COMING MARCH 2018**


BUBBLES IS BACK! Well, kinda. One thing’s for sure. She is DEFINITELY a princess (albeit of the Lehigh Lithuanian Local #145) and ruling PolkaFest. There may have been a head injury due to insufficient workplace training on how to negotiate ice in kitten heels – or so her slime-ball ex-husband, Dan, is claiming in his $3 million lawsuit agains the News-Times. But even that won’t stop Bubbles from spreading the gossip, er, reporting the news, when she catches sight of a local beauty queen who’s supposed to have disappeared in the icy Lehigh River months before. When everyone passes her off as gafoonked in de noggin, Bubbles decides to uncover the truth to save not only two missing women, but also the remaining shreds of what’s left of her already iffy reputation. Mama and Genevieve are no help, what with building Die-O-Ramas of their ideal senior-citizen retirement community. And she’s not too sure about her doctor who operates out of a Chinese restaurant in the Poconos and stores his medicine in Pez dispensers. At least her best friend, Sandy, and her new friend, Margie, are there as backup. (Unless Margie sees a UPS driver, in which case all bets are off.) But what about this dude Josh Simon? Brilliant. Nerdy. Short. Loud. Rich. He’s the heartthrob of the Lehigh Valley and, quite possibly, Bubbles’s ultimate undoing.



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Opening a book by Sarah Strohmeyer is like opening a box of chocolates – sweet, a little nutty and absolutely irresistible.”

– Meg Cabot, author of the Princess Diaries