BUBBLES IS BACK! Well, kinda. One thing’s for sure. She is DEFINITELY a princess (albeit of the Lehigh Lithuanian Local #145) and ruling PolkaFest. There may have been a head injury – at least that’s what her slime ball, slip-and-fall lawyer of an ex husband hopes. But not even a few (more) missing brain cells can keep her from reporting gossip, er, the news. So when a dead ringer for the Upper Macungie Fire Department Queen pleads for Bubbles to save her, our girl is on the case, especially when she learns the woman went missing five years ago, along with two other county-fair-queen wannabes. Throw in a stalker who introduces herself as Me, Margie and wears a T-shirt that says: “Warning: This Body Stops for All UPS Drivers,”  a long-lost high-school crush made good who is now determined to make Bubbles his own, a group of preppers more interested in storing Costco stash than weapons in their bunkers, and you could say things are back to normal at The House of Beauty. Now, if Bubbles could only stay alive long enough to remember the name of the love of her life.

Something to do with shoes…


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Opening a book by Sarah Strohmeyer is like opening a box of chocolates – sweet, a little nutty and absolutely irresistible.”

– Meg Cabot, author of the Princess Diaries