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Adult Standalones

Kindred Spirits

After one fateful PTA meeting, four young mothers—Lynne, Mary Kay, Beth, and Carol—discovered they had more in common than they ever thought possible. Meeting once a month, the women would share laughs and secrets, toasting to their blossoming friendship with the clink of their sacred martini glasses.

Two years later, when Lynne passes away suddenly, she leaves behind one simple request: that her old friends sort through her belongings. The women reunite to rummage through her closets, and buried deep within Lynne’s lingerie drawer, they find an envelope addressed to their little society…

Inside is a letter that reveals Lynn’s shocking secret and last wish, sending the women on a life-changing journey that will reveal to them that nothing is more powerful than the will of a true girlfriend—and a good, strong martini.

“The touching story of decades old friendship, support and dedication is inspiring… Keep your kleenex and martini shaker close!”
—Amazon Review

Sweet Love

A delicious novel about the power of love—and dessert—by the national bestselling author.

Betty Mueller believed she did right by secretly ending her daughter Julie’s relationship with Michael Slayton, a wild, older neighborhood heartthrob. Twenty years later, Betty has come to realize her mistake. Workaholic Julie is now the single mom of a teenager—and Michael, the one man who could make her happy, has been out of her life for the past two decades.

Determined to make amends, Betty schemes to reunite the couple in a dessert class. And with the love of her mother and daughter, her own determination, and lots of chocolate, Julie’s chance for romance is all the higher…

“Strohmeyer pulls off a memorable menu of believable relationship courses, seasoned with angst and humor.”
Publishers Weekly

The Penny Pinchers Club

Living in suburban New Jersey, Kat has a pretty serious retail habit. Now it looks like her husband Griff is having an affair…and setting up a secret bank account in preparation for a divorce. Suspecting her spending habits may be driving him away, Kat’s determined to save her marriage by saving some money. But when her rich ex-fiancé turns up with a tempting bargain, she’ll have to decide whether love conquers mall…

“[Strohmeyer] finds ample humor in her family-centric story, and the list of Top 15 Dos and Don’ts from the Penny Pinchers Club is spot-on.”
Publishers Weekly

The Sleeping Beauty Proposal

A wickedly funny fairytale for modern women from the ‘laugh-out-loud funny’ (Washington Post Book World) author of The Cinderella Pact.

Genie’s commitment-phobic boyfriend is finally proposing-on national television. To the woman he’s been seeing on the side. It’s a major wake-up call for a girl who’s hit the snooze button on her life a few too many times.

With no names mentioned on the broadcast, Genie finds herself flooded with presents and congratulations. It’s up to her to explain the mistake, but sometimes waking up is hard to do.

When her parents start planning the reception, she can’t help enjoying herself. Why call off the so-called engagement just yet? It’s fun to play princess. But unless a prince shows up—and soon—this dream could start getting weird.

“[A] humorous tale of romance, heartbreak, and healing.”

The Cinderella Pact

The Cinderella Pact became the Lifetime movie Lying to Be Perfect.

When Nola Devlin is turned down for her dream job because she’s overweight, she decides to become thin—or, at least, pretend to be. The alter ego she creates—the thin, British, hip, and did we mention thin Belinda Apple—is a smashing success who is offered movie proposals, national television appearances and even dates…though no one’s met her in person, of course.

Then Nola takes Belinda a bit too far, and is forced to join “The Cinderella Pact” and drop the pounds. As the weight comes off, however, Nola’s problems begin to mount.

“As a discerning observer of cultural folderol, Strohmeyer nonetheless softens her trenchant satire with obvious compassion for her lovable characters.”

The Secret Lives Of Fortunate Wives

After a whirlwind overseas romance, down-home girl Claire Stark has moved to her new husband’s hometown, Hunting Hills, Ohio, where the men earn seven figures, the women wear size two, and if everything isn’t absolutely perfect, you’re expected to pretend it is.…

But Claire’s having trouble pretending. For one thing, John’s previous girlfriend still lives here—and with all the bed-hopping in Hunting Hills, she may not be Claire’s only potential rival. For another, Claire’s constantly hearing vicious gossip—including rumors about herself. And though she also misses her reporting career, John isn’t thrilled with the idea of her working at the local paper. She might just have to be satisfied mingling with the Hunting Hills moms, who like to borrow their daughters’ Seven jeans and their sons’ Ritalin.

That is, until scandal threatens to shatter the stylish facade of this exclusive gated community—and behind the salon highlights and sunlamp tans, true colors start shining through.…

“The mordantly observant Strohmeyer skewers the lifestyles of the rich and fatuous with spot-on irony, painting her pretentious socialites with broad, sarcastic strokes in an uproarious, upscale, tongue-in-cheek tour de force.”

Barbie Unbound

A Parody of the Barbie Obsession

Satirically explores Barbie dolls in different guises and professions, including Grunge Barbie, PMS Barbie, Virginia Slims Barbie, Barbie Antoinette, and Anita Hill Barbie.

“Will have you laughing out loud in a room full of strangers.”
—Amazon Review

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