Binge Watch & Be Merry for Tomorrow We …..

With all the insanity bombarding us daily, I am feverishly finishing BUBBLES REBOOTS (sample coming soon!). Listen, I’m totally writing this for me.  Right now pieorgi, pink-walled hair salons, a 4-H Miss Goat Queen murder and Steve Stiletto’s mysterious disappearance are all that’s keeping my head from exploding.

In the meantime, I asked my FB friends to offer their distractions on what to eat, read and watch during these “interesting times.” There were so many great ideas that I decided to just feature What to Binge Watch this week. I’ll do another list next Thursday – mark your calendar – and maybe throw in some recipes. For now, I think we can agree that grilled cheese and tomato soup should be consumed via an intravenous drip.

DRAMA with possible Eye Candy

SHUT EYE – (Hulu). Failed magician Jeff Donovan now works as a psychic. Fake psychics. Why not? Truth is so 2008.

TABOO! – (FX) Freaking A if I know what this is about. Set in 1814. East India company. James Delaney comes back from the dead to claim his inheritance and there’s something Duggar, I think, going on with his sister. High stakes. Evil lawyers. Funny hat and a suit coat that should go up a size. Bonus: scar!

BLACKLIST – (NBC) FBI crime thriller – and I’m not talking about the imminent Bannon firings.

THE WEST WING – (Netflix). Okay, this is just pure torture. A US President of mild temperament regularly handles conflicts despite the insane demands of the outside world. Oh, you thought you were reading the news? Hah. Wishful thinking. Watch. And remember.

DRAMA with Humor. Or Not!

THIS IS US – (NBC) All I know is that when anyone on FB describes this, they start out with, “Love me a good cry.”


BORED TO DEATH – (HBO) Parody of Dashiell Hammet noir with white wine and reefer instead of whisky and cigarettes. Ted Danson deserves an Emmy.

THE IT CROWD – (Netflix) Even if you’ve never had to work with the I.T. department at work, you’ll get this. Put it under humor even though it’s British. (Boy, there’s an unusual combination!) One question: have you tried turning it off and on again?

THE GOOD PLACE – (NBC) Hey, Ted Danson again. My, he certainly gets around. Also the lovely Kristen Bell. She’s dead & trying to make up for past wrongs, or something like it. Hey, we all need to plan for our afterlife, perhaps sooner than later.


THE GOOD WITCH – (Hallmark) Oh, snap! This is Canadian! Yay. Out on DVD. Magical mother & daughter. Seems like I’ve been here before, but, then again, I might be dead and in The Good Place watching The Good Witch. That’d be nice. Hey, do you think The Good Place is actually…Ontario?

SUPERNATURAL – (CW/Netflix) Finally, some ghost-hunting eye candy. Billed as fantasy/horror. Lots of episodes, enough to carry you through to 2018 –provided, you know, that we’re still around.

SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS – (Netflix) Which in this instance means escapist fun in the Edwin Gorey vein. If it’s good enough for my hardened former editor turn VT legislator, then it’s good enough for any adult.


THE CROWN – (Netflix)For once, a different Queen Elizabeth, the one with the purse. Only younger. Warning: lots of coughing.

BROKENWOOD – (Amazon Prime) Yeah, yeah, I know. Not English. New Zealandish. Relax Qiwis. We love New Zealand mysteries (and wool and, while we’re over in your neck of the world, sane government). Good knitting medium.

A PLACE TO CALL HOME – (Acorn) Billed as the “Down Under Downton” –you can just imagine the producers pumping their fists when Dirk the intern came up with that one. And, yeah, it’s Australian, so not British. (I know, I know, stop throwing your Fosters at me). Which also means that perhaps, for DJT, A Place to Call Home, er, not so much.

That’s just the beginning….I got plenty more.

See you next Thursday and remember, no matter whether you voted for Him or not, we’re ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!



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