Ghosts & Coyotes

Update from the Town Clerk’s Office: Ghosts & Coyote edition:
So, it’s a full moon tonight and you may not know this, but that’s the ideal condition for coyote hunting. Yes, at night and, no, no license needed (because they’re varmints.) One hunter came into the office this week and told me about hunkering down for a half hour, a couple hours before dawn in below-zero temperatures, the air so clear he could see each eyelash on a coyote sitting on a nearby hill. All was magical until they started calling to each other – if you’ve never heard coyotes call, click the link below – and each hair on his body stood on end. Suddenly, he, too, was an animal. Surrounded.
Ghosts: Guy came in looking for some information about Emily Herrick who died at age 22 in 1848. He was in the process of buying an old home in town – originally built by the Herricks – when he turned over a stone below a downspout and much to his horror saw it was a meticulously done grave marker for the above Emily. The owners said they’d been told the stone had an error and was a reject, hence its rather disgraceful use. So the new owner came into research Emily’s death. No record. Nor is she buried among the Herricks in Middlesex Center Cemetery.
So where is she?
Enter a local druid (whole other story, if not book, there) who, upon entering the house with no information said she sensed the presence of a young woman. Then she found other graves on the property.
We fear Emily’s remains may be under the spectacular new addition. So now what?


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