A Casual Encounter Can be Anything But….

In lesser capable hands, Amy Hatvany’s A CASUAL ENCOUNTER, an upcoming novel about a suburban couple who ups the ante in their sexual relationship by inviting another man to their marital bed, could have been either straight porn or straight out boring. Trust me, it is neither. It is sexy and riveting and you should […]

Long-Weekend Recipes to Prevent the Flu

Like many women descended from Eastern European baba yagas, I am of the dangerous mindset that I know a lot more about medicine than I do. Oncoming cold? Gargle with salt water. Hiccups? A shot of vinegar. Splinter that won’t budge? Soak in epsom salts. Pretty sure a hefty daily dose of vitamin D3 will beat […]

Binge Watch & Be Merry for Tomorrow We …..

With all the insanity bombarding us daily, I am feverishly finishing BUBBLES REBOOTS (sample coming soon!). Listen, I’m totally writing this for me.  Right now pieorgi, pink-walled hair salons, a 4-H Miss Goat Queen murder and Steve Stiletto’s mysterious disappearance are all that’s keeping my head from exploding. In the meantime, I asked my FB friends to […]