Relax, Jennifer, it Gets Worse

Whoever thought it was a good idea to send writers out to play on the internet was a psychopath. With its smorgasbord of otter videos and dancing parrots, not only is the internet a time-sucking quagmire of procrastination, it is also the cruelest of playgrounds trolled by the same kind of snarky bullies whose taunts […]

Dress Code Code

No, that’s not a double-word mistake. I’m referring to the code that’s behind the dress code – at least for girls and probably minorities, too. This spring, administrators of a local middle school in Woodstock, Vermont – the kind of picture-perfect New England town featured on postcards – called a girls-only assembly to deliver a […]


So, I was rushing from a Select Board meeting to an election training session in Vermont’s state capital Tuesday night when I got out of my car and stopped dead. There, right behind the fire department, was a freaking Ivysaur taunting me like a privileged frat boy with an untreated emotional control problem. It didn’t matter that […]

The Hall of Fame Speech I’ll Never Give

This Saturday, I’m officially being inducted into Bethlehem, Pennsylvania’s Hall of Fame. Bethlehem is where I grew up and where I set my six (so far) Bubbles Yablonsky books, so I suppose that’s how I ended up on the list, along with Jonathan Frakes (William T. Riker, Star Trek: The Next Generation and also on […]

Forgetting to Cancel a $2000 Airbnb Booking…and Other Good Karma

“You need to cancel your Airbnb reservation or you’ll be charged.” The message was from David, an Airbnb host with whom I’d made a summer-long reservation earlier last month and it stopped me still in my tracks. We were talking about over $2,000 here of which $575 was a non-refundable deposit for June and an additional […]

Penetrative and Non-Penetrative Sex

Barbara Samuel reports that the great Romance author Jo Beverley has left this mortal coil. I had one brush with Jo and that was when we Penguin authors were treated to a glorious night at the 21 Club, an experience I will never forget since I was seated next to her quite by accident. Resplendent […]