Forgetting to Cancel a $2000 Airbnb Booking…and Other Good Karma

“You need to cancel your Airbnb reservation or you’ll be charged.” The message was from David, an Airbnb host with whom I’d made a summer-long reservation earlier last month and it stopped me still in my tracks. We were talking about over $2,000 here of which $575 was a non-refundable deposit for June and an additional […]

Penetrative and Non-Penetrative Sex

Barbara Samuel reports that the great Romance author Jo Beverley has left this mortal coil. I had one brush with Jo and that was when we Penguin authors were treated to a glorious night at the 21 Club, an experience I will never forget since I was seated next to her quite by accident. Resplendent […]

What Me Worry?

I come from a long line of worriers. Take, for example, my German grandmother who lived to be 106. Upon waking, she shook off the blissful forgetfulness of Morpheus with this question: “What do I have to worry about today?” She may have lived long, but I’m not sure if she prospered. I imagine that her […]

Small-Town Heroes

Suicide rates are up, especially among women between ages 45 and 65. (Honestly, that’s startling to write, not just because of the depressing statistic, but because I can’t believe I’m in that age group.) There are lots of reasons for this, according to the New York Times. Increased drug and alcohol use/income inequality/depression/job cutbacks/financial insecurity and […]

Pigs and Dogs on the Lam

IN my other life, I am the Town Clerk of a scrappy community stuck in the Vermont woods.  We’re not given to much drama here except during mud season when nerves fray over the ruts on Molly Supple. (That’s actually a road, not a saucy maid from Victorian erotica.) Or when some domesticated animal makes a run […]

Why I Quit Counting Calories…and Words

In the spring of 6th grade, all hell broke loose. My face broke out, my hips expanded, my thighs ballooned, and, naturally, I got my first period. I went from being a kid to a woman literally overnight and it was terrorizing. Boys flashed me predatory looks that, contrary to Me, Margaret, were not at all […]