My Cat’s Cat’s Cat

I vowed never to get another cat after our overly affectionate feline, Patches, kicked the bucket two years ago, forever earning the enmity of a woman named Maureen. That wasn’t my fault. When Patches was on the decline, I followed all the vet’s advice, even though I suspected the cat was doomed. After  $350 bucks […]

If You Did Everything Right…..

After an unexpected health scare (that included my blood pressure shooting to 134/80 in the doctor’s office) and a stressful spring, I recently decided to admit I’m 55 and should try to live as perfectly as possible so I don’t end up like Ben Affleck. This required engaging in one of my favorite activities (aside […]

A Casual Encounter Can be Anything But….

In lesser capable hands, Amy Hatvany’s A CASUAL ENCOUNTER, an upcoming novel about a suburban couple who ups the ante in their sexual relationship by inviting another man to their marital bed, could have been either straight porn or straight out boring. Trust me, it is neither. It is sexy and riveting and you should […]

Too Much Drinky, Drinky?

If you’ve had the misfortune of being cooped up with me all winter, you know all too well my latest medical obsession: wine. This isn’t fun for anyone, especially my colleagues who are perfectly comfortable with their recreational ethyl alcohol consumption. But as a secret hypochondriac – and, according to my doctor, secret wino – […]

Long-Weekend Recipes to Prevent the Flu

Like many women descended from Eastern European baba yagas, I am of the dangerous mindset that I know a lot more about medicine than I do. Oncoming cold? Gargle with salt water. Hiccups? A shot of vinegar. Splinter that won’t budge? Soak in epsom salts. Pretty sure a hefty daily dose of vitamin D3 will beat […]