So, before I became a “writer,” I was a newspaper reporter for twenty years. You could argue that reporting is writing and it kind of is, except when it isn’t. sarahfredWhile my goal was to leave journalism and write full time, that didn’t happen until I had kids, oddly enough, and an editor started breathing down my neck – and not in a sexy way. The problem was that between school vacations/pink eye (gotta keep a kid out of daycare for 3 days, minimum) and snow storms, it was difficult to be on call 24/7 the way my overlords editors wanted. 

Having already written the cult hit BARBIE UNBOUND: A PARODY OF THE BARBIE OBSESSION which landed me on CBS This Morning, I decided to hunker down and take that Barbie character to a new level. This meant putting in a full-day’s work and writing at nights. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. In fact, I still do it since, 17 books, a TV movie, lucrative publishing contracts later, I Barbiefound myself going stir crazy in an empty nest except for a dog, a cat and a husband. I knew I had to take action when I found myself having extensive conversations with the dog alone in my office.

Therefore, in 2013, I was appointed Town Clerk of my little Vermont town, Middlesex. The following year, I was reelected and now I can’t imagine leaving. I love everything about being Town Clerk – running elections, helping people research in the vault, even licensing dogs! My goal is to someday write a book inspired by these wonderful people, especially the dogs. (Hah!)  But for now, I am happily resurrecting the Bubbles series and finishing my young adult books for Balzer + Bray, which is part of HarperCollins.

My daughter – who grew up with mutilated Barbies thanks to the Barbie book – is now a reporter herself in New Jersey. My son is a sophomore and running star at Case Western Reserve University. (Awesome school!) My husband’s a lawyer in Montpelier, the cat is dead (RIP Patches!), but the dog, Fred, a wandering Basset is still alive. I think. He is a lousy conversationalist.

Please keep in touch: writesarah@aol.com. (Yeah, it’s an old address. I’m not that much of a geek – though I am pretty geeky.)

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PS – These are some of my covers…..


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JANUARY 26, 2018!