Who’s Sarah? And What’s Up With Fred?

My professional writing partner and me. Fred's the one with the MFA in Creative Writing. I just wing it!

SMART GIRLS GET WHAT THEY WANT is my fourteenth book, but my first for young adults after writing mysteries and stand alones, one of which, THE CINDERELLA PACT, became the Lifetime Movie – LYING TO BE PERFECT.

With my smart daughter, Anna, in Ireland years ago. We were pissed about being made to bike so much in the heat.

Of all of these, SMART GIRLS has been my favorite to write because not only was I a “smart girl,” but so were my daughter and her friends who, like me, grew tired of playing second fiddle. I figured the time had come for our kind to receive the kudos, the attention and the boys. The bad girls had hogged center stage long enough.

Before I wrote novels, I was a newspaper reporter of questionable talent for twenty years, never quite serious or responsible enough for the duty of recording all the news that’s fit to print. (My definition of what was fit to print and my editors’ often clashed. Apparently, it was not necessary to describe certain cops as “super cute.”)

Some novelists begin their careers by winning literary contests or writing their first manuscripts while pursuing a masters degree. I began mine by placing Barbie in forty contemporary and historical settings with photos taken by my friend (and awesome photographer) Geoff Hansen. The result, BARBIE UNBOUND: A PARODY OF THE BARBIE OBSESSION became a cult hit, landed me on CBS This Morning and USA Today. It was, briefly, the most shoplifted book in America.

Taking a break from writing to frolic with ebullient holiday spirit.

After that, I wrote the Bubbles Yablonsky mystery series featuring a bubble-headed blonde ditzy – or is she? – hairdresser with a gift for gossip who becomes a newspaper reporter. Kind of like a memoir, sure. And then a bunch of novels about women. Bubbles mysteries have been published around the world in more than six languages and are, for some strange reason, a big hit in France.

My books in order of publication are Barbie Unbound: A Parody of the Barbie Obsession, Bubbles Unbound, Bubbles In Trouble, Bubbles Ablaze, Bubbles A Broad, Bubbles Betrothed, Bubbles All the Way, The Secret Lives of Fortunate Wives, The Cinderella Pact, The Sleeping Beauty Proposal, Sweet Love, The Penny Pinchers Club, Kindred Spirits and Smart Girls Get What They Want.

Today, I live in Vermont with my husband, a lawyer, and son, Sam, an upcoming high school junior. My daughter, Anna, is a senior at Bryn Mawr College where there are A LOT of smart girls. Also, there’s Fred, my five-year-old basset hound and between you and me, the love of my life.

25. June 2012 by sarah